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About Omari Dixon

Omari Dixon is a Test Automation Architect with over 20 years experience in Software Development & Quality Assurance. His experience in automation spans over 15 years and includes a variety of automation tools including Unified Functional Test (UFT), Selenium, Rational, and Silk products.

In his most recent client engagements he has successfully implemented a test automation acceleration strategy called "The AGILOD Way", which he initially created in 2008 as part of a self-inspired effort to improve the coverage, reliability and scalability of test automation script development.

The AGILOD Way is more than a strategy. It is also a framework solution, packaged with an open-source test automation function library that grows with the addition of new clients and experiences. One key set of functions leverage the MicroFocus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool's Design Step tab to use common English Phrase-Kewords to drive automation in a modular and component-driven approach for optimal results. This, like any function, is an optional feature that clients have full control over whether its used and to what extent its used for.

Omari's expertise with ALM & UFT is noted by his recent upgrades of AGILOD that are designed to make test automation faster, scalable, more efficient and overall a more productive testing activity.

So far, he has implemented different aspects of The AGILOD Way for many highly visible projects at various Fortune 500 clients over the span of his Test Automation Architecture career. For more information about recent AGILOD implementations, visit the Contact Us section.