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Request a Presentation

Request a presentation from AGILOD Consulting, Inc. Founder & President, Omari Dixon, to discuss the finer points of "The AGILOD Way".

His presentations are informative and encompasses both the business ROI and technical architecture perspectives. With years of hands-on and public speaking experience behind him, Omari is sure to engage your team with new insights and fresh ideas about how to optimize test automation on your current project. To request a presentation, visit Contact Us section.

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AGILOD Academy - Test Automation Training

Ready to take your life to the next level and improve your knowledge of Software Testing?

AGILOD Consulting is offering you the opportunity to learn hands on how to perform the responsibilities of a Software Tester in the IT industry.

Why Software Testing? This field is considered one of the revolving doors of the IT Industry! In other words, once you master the skills that you'll learn with us and obtain an entry level position with a growing company, moving into other sectors will be readily available to you.

Another aspect of Software Testing that you should know is that there are job openings in virtually all commercial sectors (not just IT companies). All of the Fortune 1000 companies have requirements for testers. Furthermore, since testers are frequently moving into other areas of IT work, the demand for this skill set is a constant. In other words, you'll get paid well and will rarely ever be out of work!

Finally, as if that wasn't enough, there are many lucrative growth opportunities in the Software Testing industry. There's Test Automation which is heavy on development and architecture. Then there's Test Management, which can leverage your project management skills. Either way you choose, the potential is great and the rewards are greater!