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Request a presentation from AGILOD Consulting, Inc. Founder & President, Omari Dixon, to discuss the finer points of "The AGILOD Way".

His presentations are informative and encompasses both the business ROI and technical architecture perspectives. With years of hands-on and public speaking experience behind him, Omari is sure to engage your team with new insights and fresh ideas about how to optimize test automation on your current project. To request a presentation, visit Contact Us section.

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This is an excerpt from a recent project where AGILOD was implemented.  


From the very beginning of our testing effort, AGILOD complimented the testing needs of our organization's Agile rapid application development environment. We changed our entire test case structure and documentation process to adhere to the Basis Path Testing approach which is an supplemental accessory packaged with AGILOD. The AGILOD team trained our staff in its usage and assisted with the initial setup of our manual test cases to ensure that everyone kept pace and followed their documented best practices. Our testing data was centralized on our shared network and we utilized the AGILOD Test Data Template to assist with bulk data creation and extraction. After a few weeks, we initiated the process of converting the test scenarios and manual steps into AGILOD Phrase-Keywords which enables our scripts to be ran as either manual or automated scripts directly from QualityCenter utilizing the QTP automation tool. We also used AGILOD's Advanced Script Generation (ASG) tool to bulk create all of our object level tests, which saved us significant time and overhead.

While these accomplishments are in large due to the results delivered by AGILOD's innovative technological implementation, I should also impart that the AGILOD team demonstrates excellence in test automation architecture, general QA practices, cross-team training & support, and overall professionalism. I would recommend AGILOD to any business enterprise that seeks an automation framework solution that is keyword-driven, modular-driven, component-driven, easily customizable, and most importantly, easy for both novice and advanced QA professionals to learn, use and maintain across distributed team environments.


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