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"Every winter my heart goes out to those animals that have no idea about the cold that is headed their way. Winter is so brutal in some parts that an animal that is not properly trained to survive is likely to suffer a terrible fate. Feral cats that are abandoned after being raised in domestic households are hit the hardest. Some of them are even kittens. Imagine that. No food, no water, and no heat in the dead of winter."

- Omari Dixon 

“According to The Human Society, there are tens of millions of feral cats in the United States.

Feral cats originate from domestic cats that were lost or abandoned and learned to survive outdoors. Because they’re hard to tame, many feral cats cannot be adopted into a forever home. So, they often end up living outside in colonies – but the harsh winter weather makes it difficult to stay comfortable and healthy.”

That’s where we come in.

We're looking for volunteers that want to participate in a Winter Cat Shelter project with us. The requirements are simple. Love animals and/or love to build things. Once the project is initiated, we’ll go through a few rounds of brainstorming design ideas and then the building fun will begin. Finally, before we bring in the cat shelter expert to give a final thumbs up, we’ll go through a few rounds of ‘cat usability testing’ to ensure that what we created works the way we intended for it to work, for the cat.

Here’s a page that describes some existing variations of cat shelter designs that we can choose from:

It’s already getting pretty cold out there, so time is of the essence.